Top free phone tracking apps

Top Free Phone Tracking Apps in 2022

In the last few years, various technological advancements have proved extremely useful in our everyday lives. The GPS tracking feature is just one of the features built into most smartphones that have proven beneficial in many circumstances. Phone tracking applications allow users to track the location of a mobile device. You can use these apps to locate a missing or stolen tablet or smartphone. It could also help you keep an eye on your kids. This is why certain apps for location tracking have been developed. For your ease, we have gathered a list of the top free phone tracking apps in this guide. Let’s dig a little deeper to learn more.

1. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is one of the most trusted Android phone tracking applications. The app’s robust real-time tracking feature has helped users keep a tight rein on children and, in certain instances, even adults. The app can keep exact details of every activity using Android phones remotely. Other options to track the device are also offered. 

Before using this app, make sure that your internet connection is reliable, such as Mediacom Internet, to download this app and make it work at its maximum potential. A fast internet connection keeps you on top of things without lagging.

2. Google Find My Device

You can locate your phone from a computer or from any other Android device by installing the Google Find My Device app. After installing, sign in with your Google credentials. However, to find your phone’s location, your phone should be turned on, connected to the internet, and Find My Device is enabled. After that, you can begin locating your phone by visiting and logging in with your Google account. Find My Device will now begin to track your phone. If you enable location services, the app will track your phone’s location by displaying a map with a pin dropped on the location of your phone.


XNSPY is a complete platform that can be used for parental control as well as monitoring of employees. It offers real-time information on the events. It can record in-app screens for all the well-known instant messaging apps. It is compatible with various apps, including Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Tinder, Instagram, etc.

4. Minspy

Minspy is another excellent app that works with almost every known iPhone and Android device. It can be installed without jailbreaking or rooting to access your phone’s data remotely but remains hidden. This application can track your activities, like messages, calls, GPS locations, social media activities, etc.

The best thing is the live remote access capabilities. It allows you to remotely view the phone’s screen and listen to its mic. Moreover, you can activate the phone’s cameras remotely during an emergency or emergency or open, close, or delete an application.

5. Prey App

Another well-known Android application is Prey. The main feature of the app is that it will be hidden following the installation, and only passwords can be used to uninstall it.

If your phone has been stolen or lost and you want to activate the application, text “Go Prey” using capital letters to another phone. It lets you capture photographs using your phone’s camera’s front and back. It also enables you to locate your GPS, secure your device, and set the alarm to sound on your phone.


Now you can easily track your phone if it has been stolen or lost using these free phone tracking apps. Moreover, you can also keep track of your children this way. To start, just select the top tracking app from the above-mentioned list and get started.

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