Translate a page on edge browser How To Translate A Page On Edge Browser In Android 13

How To Translate A Page On Edge Browser In Android 13

If you can’t find information in your native language and find it difficult to understand it in English or another language, you can use the Microsoft Edge web browser to translate the page into your native language. This Techschumz article outlines the guidelines.

The Microsoft Edge browser, developed by Microsoft, is fast and helps you stay organised and productive, like organising tabs and keeping them for later. It also lets you use the AI-powered Bing for web browsing. Plus, it allows you to translate the web page or information into other languages This feature helps you get information in your language to understand easily.

Enable Microsoft Translate on the Microsoft Edge Browser

Step 1. Go to the “Microsoft Edge” web browser and tap on “Three Dots” at the bottom.

Tap on the Three dots at the bottom of the browser.

Step 2. Then select “Settings.”

Go to Settings of the Edge browser.

Step 3. Navigate to the “General” menu.

Tap on General.

Step 4. Next, choose “Microsoft Translator.

Select Microsoft Translator from General menu.

Step 5. At last, toggle on the “Translate Pages” option to enable the translation of the pages on Microsoft Edge.

Then turn on the Translates Pages option.

Auto-translate a web page in Edge on Android 13

Microsoft Edge automatically detects foreign languages and offers translation.

Step 1. Open the “Information Page” and tap on “Translation Offer.”

Tap on Translation Offer to auto translate the web page.

Step 2. But if you want to translate it to a language other than English, click on “Three Dots”.

Step 3. Then tap on “More Languages” and select your language.

Tap on Three dots and select More Languages.

Step 4. Now select your “Native Language.”

Finally, choose your own Language from languages list.

There you go, You have translated the Edge browser web page on your Samsung Galaxy Phones.

Final Words

You have translated the web page into your own language in Microsoft Edge Browser by following the mentioned steps in this article and I hope it helped you. please share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comments section below.

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