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How To Check RAM Usage On Samsung (Android 12)

RAM stands for “Random Access Memory.” It’s a form of temporary storage and memory that works even faster than your phone’s internal storage. It is responsible for multitasking on your smartphone when you start an app; the app loads into RAM, which is the primary memory, and the data is removed from the primary memory when you dismiss it.

On Android phones, the more RAM you have, the more applications you can run at once, resulting in improved phone performance. To keep track of your phone’s RAM usage, you’ll need to know how much space is left and how much space you have used. Keeping track of the RAM usage will make managing your phone’s RAM usage much more manageable. This Techschumz guide will show you how to check RAM usage on Samsung phones (Android 12).

Two Methods to Check RAM Usage on Samsung (Android 12)

Method 1. Find your RAM Usage on Samsung via Battery and device care

By following the below steps, you can check what is using up your RAM on your Samsung phones.

Step 1. To get started, go to “Settings” on your Samsung mobile.

To begin, go to Android’s Settings.
Go to Settings

Step 2. Now, scroll down and select “Battery and device care,” which will give you access to Android 12’s memory.

Scroll down the Settings page to find Battery and device care
Select Battery and Device Care

Step 3. The Memory option, which refers to the RAM of your Android device, is available here. Tap on it.

Now tap on the Memory option right there to check RAM usage on Samsung (Android 12)
Tap on Memory

Step 4. Here’s how much RAM your Samsung device uses; if you’re running out of space, you can manage it by turning off background apps.

Now you get to know about the RAM usage and free space of it so you can manage if you want free space
The RAM usage of your device

Method 2. Check RAM Usage on Samsung through the Developer option

The first method is right on the settings page, so there’s no need to activate it. However, In this method, you’ll need to enable the “Developer option,” which is hidden in your Android’s settings and has a lot more information about your phone’s RAM usage than the first method, which is more accessible, so follow the steps below to activate the option to check the RAM usage of Android 12.

Step 1. To begin, scroll to the bottom of the settings page and select “About Phone.”

Go to settings and Tap on About phone
Select About Phone

Step 2. Then, by pressing on the “Software information,” you can learn about your Samsung phone’s software.

Here tap on the Software information from About Phone
Tap on Software information

Step 3. Tap the Build number seven times to activate the developer option hidden in the settings.

Now to enable the developer option hit seven times on Build number
Tap 7 times on Build number

Step 4. After that, you’ll be asked to enter your device’s password to activate the developer mode. Then you have turned it on.

You entered your phone’s entry code just then  you have activated developer mode
Enter the password, and the developer option will be enabled

Step 5. Return to Settings and select the “Developer option” which you have just enabled.

Now tap on the Developer options, which you already switched on from about Phone
Tap on Developer options

Step 6. To find out how much of your device’s RAM you used, tap on the “Running service.”

To view the details of RAM usage, tap on the Running services
Tap on Running services

Step 7. Here you can see how much RAM your Android 12 device is using and which apps are using the most memory.

Here is all the data on RAM usage of your device
The memory usage of your Samsung Phone

That’s it; through these two methods, you can check the RAM usage of Samsung (Android 12).

Final Words

These two ways have shown you how to find your RAM usage on Samsung phones (Android 12) and remaining space, as well as the apps that you use the most, and will assist you in freeing up space if necessary. Let us know if you have any queries about this or another approach in the comments section below.

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