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How to Download your Google Maps Data on Mobile

If you want to make a backup or use a new map service, in this guide I’ll show you how to download your Google Maps data on mobile, Android, or iOS. You don’t have to get data for every Google account. Go directly to the Google Maps app on your Android or iOS mobile or your Google Map desktop website and export the information.

Download your Google Maps Data on Mobile

Download your Google Maps Data on Mobile

You can download your Maps data both on a computer and mobile, and the steps are somehow similar to each other. However in this guide, in 5 steps, I’ll show you how you can download your Google Maps data on mobile:

Step 1. Create an Export on Google Maps

  • To download your Google Maps data, open the Google Maps app, and Sing in.
  • Next, click your profile pic icon in the top-right corner next to the Search box.
  • Near the bottom, select “Your Data in Maps”, which will take you to another page.
  • On the next screen, scroll down, find and select “Download Your Maps Data.”
Create an Export on Google Maps
Create an Export on Google Maps

Step 2. Select Data to Include

  • You’ll be redirected to another page, which you can choose what you want to download, and in what format it should be.
  • When you’re ready, click “Next Step.”
Select data to include
Select data to include

Step 3. Choose the Destination, Frequency, and File Type

  • Now, you can have your data file delivered to your email or your preferred cloud storage service. Choose the destination in the “Delivery Method” drop-down box

For this how-to, we’ll receive our file through email.

  • Next, you can choose a one-time export of your data or set it up for the entire year with exports every two months. You might want to consider.
  • Lastly, pick the file type and size. You can receive a ZIP or TGZ file for the type.
  • Then, choose the maximum file size from 1GB up to 50GB. If your data is larger than the size you pick, it will be split into multiple files.
  • When you have these items set, click “Create Export.”
Choose the Destination, Frequency, and File Type
Choose the Destination, Frequency, and File Type

Step 4. View Your Export Confirmation

  • You’ll then see a confirmation that the export is processing in the Export Progress box. This confirms the number of items you selected to export and offers a “Cancel Export” option if you change your mind. You can also click “Create Another Export” if you want to obtain any remaining items.
  • You should also receive an email notification to your Gmail account. This simply confirms that you have requested a file of your data.

Step 5. Download Your Google Maps Data

  • Depending on the amount of Google data that you have, the export process can take anywhere from minutes to days. You should receive an email to your Gmail account when the file is ready.
  • Remember, for this tutorial, we opted to receive our export via email. If you do the same, click either “Manage Exports” or “Download Your Files” in the email you receive.
  • The Manage Exports option takes you to a web page displaying the data that you opted to receive with a “Download” button. The Download Your Files option will direct you to the same page, but will automatically download the file at the same time.
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Download Your Google Maps Data
  • After you obtain the file, head to your Downloads location to open it. You should see folders for each type of data you selected.
The Google Maps data
The Google Maps data


Sometimes we want to have a backup of our data from Google Maps or maybe, we just want to port it to another product. That’s simple and easy. Just follow the above 5 steps to download your Google Maps data on mobile, Android, or iOS, And remember that you can follow the same steps to download your Maps on a computer as well. Happy Mapping!

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