img 8049 5 Ways to Turn On/Off Flashlight On iPhone 14, 14 Pro, & 14 Pro Max

5 Ways to Turn On/Off Flashlight On iPhone 14, 14 Pro, & 14 Pro Max

In this Techschumz post, we’ll show you five ways to turn on or off the iPhone 14’s flashlight in iOS 16.

It’s helpful to have a flashlight on hand for those moments when you need to see in the dark, such as when you’re rummaging through your purse for your keys, when you can’t seem to locate your remote control to look for something under the sofa or when you can’t find your way home. The iPhone’s flashlight feature is useful when you find yourself in a low-light situation, and it is something that most people use very frequently, so it would be perfect for your situation. Here you will learn several methods to toggle the flashlight on and off on the iPhone 14 series.

1. Turn on/off the torch from the lock screen

As seen below, the easiest way to turn on or off the flashlight on iPhone 14 is from the lock screen.

Step 1. Lock your phone using the “Power” button on the right side of your phone.

Step 2. Now “turn on” your mobile but don’t “unlock” your device.

Step 3. Then tap on the “Flashlight” button, which is located on the left corner of your iPhone’s lock screen.

To turn off/on the torch from the lock screen, tap on the "Flashlight" icon.
Click on the “Torch” icon

Step 4. You can “turn off” the flashlight by tapping on the button.

2. Turn the flashlight on/off on the iPhone 14 series via Back Tap

Follow these steps to toggle the iPhone’s torch on and off on iOS 16 using the device’s Back Tap feature:

Step 1. Open your iPhone’s “Settings” app.

Go to the "Settings" app.
Go to “Settings.”

Step 2. Now scroll down the settings menu to “Accessibility” and select it.

Tap on the "Accessibility" option.
Select the “Accessibility” option.

Step 3. Then tap on the “Touch” option under the physical and motor section.

Tap on the "Touch" option.
tap on “Touch.”

Step 4. After that, choose the “Back Tap” feature.

Now choose the "Back tap" option.
Choose the “Back Tap” option.

Step 5. Now you have two taps as “Double and Triple Tap.” Select any of the taps you would like to enable the flashlight.

Tap on the "Double Tap" option.
Tap on “Double tap.”

Step 6. Finally, choose the “Torch” option from the list. That’s it! By double-clicking the apple icon on the back of your iOS device, you can now activate and deactivate the torch.

Now select "Torch."
Select “Torch”

3. Turn on/off the torch via Shortcuts

You can quickly turn the flashlight on and off by creating a shortcut for it on your iPhone home screen. To create a flashlight shortcut, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Launch the “Shortcuts” app on your device.

Go to the "Shortcut" app.
Open the “Shortcut” app.

Step 2. Now tap on the “Plus” sign on the app’s screen.

Tap on "Plus" sign to create the shortcut.
Tap on the “Plus” sign.

Step 3. Then to add the shortcut, tap on the “Add Action” option.

Now tap to "Add Action."
Tap to “Add Action.”

Step 4. Now search for “Torch” in the search bar, then tap on the “Set Torch” option you see there.

Search for the "Torch" in the search box, and tap on "Set Torch."
Search for the “Torch” and tap on “Set Torch”

Step 5. After that, tap on “Turn” and choose “Toggle” from the three options provided.

Tap on "Turn" and select "Toggle" from the list.
Tap on “Turn” then select “Toggle.”

Step 6. By tapping on the “Right arrow icon,” you can set the torch shortcut to your device’s home screen.

Tap on the "Right arrow" icon.
Tap on the “Right arrow” icon.

Step 7. Then You will be provided some options, and to add the torch shortcut to the home screen of your phone, select “Add to Home Screen” from the options list.

Tap on the "Add to Home Screen" option to add the shortcut on the screen of your phone.
Tap on “Add to Home Screen”

Step 8. Type “Torch” in the name, then tap the “Add” option.

Tap on the "Add" option after you set a name for the shortcut.
Tap on “Add” after you set a name for the shortcut.

Step 8. Now go back to your iPhone’s home screen. There you will see the flashlight shortcut. By tapping on it, you can turn the torch on or off.

Now you see the flashlight shortcut on your iPhone's home screen tap on it to turn on the torch.
Flashlight shortcut

4. Ask Siri to turn the flashlight on or off

Step 1. Say “Hey Siri” to your phone, then Siri will activate.

Step 2. Now say, “Turn on my flashlight.” Or you can say it any way you would like.

  • Hey Siri, turn on my torch, please.
  • Hey Siri, Can you turn on the torch?

Step 3. You can activate Siri and then type “Turn on Torch” and then the torch will be turned on.

5. Using the Control Centre

You can also turn on and off the flashlight on iPhone 14 from the Control Center. For that, follow the below steps:

Step 1. To access the control center, “Drag down” the screen from the right corner of your iPhone.

Drag down the screen from the right corner of the screen to access the control center.
Drag down from the right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Now you see the “Torch” icon on the control center tap on it to turn it on.

Tap on the "Torch" icon on the control center.
Tap on the “Torch” icon.

How to add the torch icon to the control center?

There may not be a flashlight icon in your device’s control center upon initial use. You’ll have to manually add it in then. In order to add a flashlight icon to your iPhone’s control center, please read the following guidelines.

Step 1. Open the “Settings” app then scroll down the settings menu and select “Control Centre“.

Go to the "Settings" app then select "Control Centre."
Select “Control Centre” from the settings.

Step 2. Now on the control center menu you see many other options you can add any of them so to add the torch icon to the control center tap on the “Plus” sign beside the “torch” option.

tap on the "Plus" sign to add the torch icon to control centre.
Tap on the “Plus” sign beside the torch.

Okay, there you go. The flashlight icon has been added to your control panel for your comfort.

How to Adjust the torch brightness on iPhone 14

You can adjust your iPhone flashlight’s brightness either up or down in case you ever need more or less brightness; to do so, press and hold the torch button in the phone’s control center until the brightness slider appears, and then adjust the slider to your liking.

You can adjust the torch brightness by pressing the torch icon from the control center.
Torch Brightness

Why does my iPhone 14 keep turning on the flashlight automatically?

Every iPhone owner has experienced the annoyance of accidentally turning on the flashlight. Because the torch icon is right on the lock screen, people happen to touch it unintentionally, which activates the torch, which is annoying for most people. This can also drain the iPhone’s battery. But no worries, you can prevent this from happening by removing the torch from the lock screen or turning off the Tap to Wake feature, which is already enabled on the iPhone. By disabling it, the flashlight won’t turn on whenever you touch the screen of your mobile device.

Final Words

This post has shown you five simple ways to toggle the flashlight on and off on your iPhone 14 series running iOS 16. You also learned how to add a torch icon in the Control Center and adjust the torch’s brightness from there. Finally, if you face any kind of problem or have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. Also, make sure to read the other iPhone 14 guides too.

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