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How To Add Charging Animation On Android Phones

Android provides a multitude of features. One of these is that users can use other apps to customize their phones however they want. For example, you can customize and set your battery charging animation, making your phone screen beautiful and appealing with your favorite animation. In this article, we will show you how you can add charging animation on Android phones to your lock screen while charging using a third-party app called Ultra Charging Animation App.

Ultra Charging Animation App

The Ultra Charging Animation App makes your phone more appealing to your friends by displaying beautiful charging animations on your phone’s lock screen when you put it on charge. When you enable it in the settings, a charging animation appears. The best thing about this program is that it has many more features than just the battery animation, such as battery information and the option to set alarms.

  • Set alarm. You can set an alarm to notify you when the battery is completely charged. It keeps your phone from getting overcharged, which saves both battery life and power, which is really beneficial.
  • Battery info. With this app, you can display detailed battery information such as battery type, health, capacity, and temperature, as well as the kind of charger inserted into your phone.
  • Live animations. You can choose from a number of color themes and battery animations and set them on your phone’s screen.

Use Charging Animations on the Lock Screen of an Android Phone

Follow the steps below to add custom charging animations on the lock screen of your Android phone (Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, and Xiaomi) to make them more appealing while it’s charging.

Step 1. To install the app, go to the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

To install the Charging Animation app go to your Google Play Store
Open Google Play Store

Step 2. Search for “Ultra charging animation” in the Google Play Store’s search box, then tap the “Install” button to get it.

Find the “ultra charging animation” app and install it
Tap on the Install button

Step 3. Open the app when it has been installed and press “Get Started” to begin setting up the app on your phone.

Press on the “Get started” to set up the app on your Android device
Tap to get start the app

Step 4. Now, you’ll need to grant permission for your app to display animations. To allow the app to display the animation, click the “Yes” option.

The app requires to grant permission for displaying animation therefore press on the “Yes” option.
Tap on the “Yes” option

Step 5. Next, tap on the switch button to allow the app to appear on top.

Now turn on the app to display animation on your screen
Tap to turn on the app

Step 6. Now, for the battery animations, click on “Animation” to select your preferred animation.

To display animation on your screen tap on the “Animation”
Tap on the Animation

Step 7. Now, tap on the switch next to “Enable Charging Animation” to enable the charging animation, and select your preferred animation.

Enable charging animation by pressing the turn button and choose animation to add charging Animation on Android phones
Tap Turn on button to enable charging anima

Step 8. After you’ve selected a battery animation, tap on the “Apply Animation” button to continue.

Now tap on the “Apply Animation” button to set it on your device’s screen
Tap on the “Apply Animation”

Step 9. You can also add an image to your phone’s screen instead of animation when you put your phone in to charge. To use an image for battery animation, press “CHOOSE IMAGE.”

If you want to display battery image instead of animation then tap on the ”Choose Image”
Tap on the “choose image”

Step 10. Now, tap on “Choose Image From Gallery” to select your image.

Tap on the “Gallery Icon” to choose your favorite battery image for your Android’s screen
Press on the “Gallery Icon”

Step 11. That’s it! You’ve successfully added a custom charging animation or image to the lock screen of your Android phone. Now, just plug your phone into the charger to view it on your screen.

Now your screen shows a charging animation you set up from the” ultra charging animation” app
The screen of an Android’s phone with Battery Animation

Some other charging animation apps for Android phones

1. Mega Charging Animation

Mega Charging Animation app enables you to quickly and simply create professional, appealing battery animations. This app allows you to control the battery charge level as well as receive and comprehend all battery information, set alarms for when the battery is full, and create a customized charging screen.

2. Battery Charging Animation Screen

This app is free and has been tuned to use 0% CPU and minimum system resources. In addition to charging animation, it provides information like notifications, timers, and the ability to control your music while charging your phone. There is compatibility for fast charging, slow USB charging, and wireless battery charging.

3. True Amps: Battery Companion

The Battery Charging Animation Screen app allows you in obtaining nice battery animation on your device’s screen. It provides a variety of fascinating animations from which you may choose one and set it on your screen by adjusting the size, opacity, rotation, and location of the animation. You can also include images from your own gallery.

Final Words

Now you know how to add charging animation on Android phones using the Ultra Charging Animation App, and we’ve also shown you some more apps for adding battery animation to your phone’s screen. Lastly, we hope you found this guide useful, and feel free to leave any questions in the comments section below.

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