Add Set up on iphone How To Add & Set Up A VPN Connection On iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, And X

How To Add & Set Up A VPN Connection On iPhone 14, 13, 12, 11, And X

This Techschumz article will walk you through how to add and set up VPN connections on your iOS 16 devices.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provides protected network connections when using public networks. Your real IP address is never seen because your VPN host configures a remote server to handle all of your network traffic instead. It has several benefits, like “secure encryption,” “disguising your whereabouts,” “secure data transfer,” and “access to regional content,” that help you protect your data. iPhone users may want to use a VPN because they want to keep their data secure.

Add & set up the VPN connection to iOS 16 phones

Install the VPN-Speed VPN app.

To add a VPN connection, you would need to install VPN-Speed VPN from the Apple Store, so follow the instructions below to install the app.

Step 1. Go to the “Apple Store” for your iPhone.

Step 2. Then search for the “VPN-Speed VPN” app in the search box and tap on the “Get” option.

Tap on "Get" to install the app from the Apple Store.

Set up a VPN connection on any iPhone running iOS 16

After installing the app, you would need to set up the app and set up the VPN connection, and to do so, follow the guidelines below.

Step 1. After the installation, open the “VPN-Speed VPN” app.

Step 2. To allow the app to track your activity across other companies, apps, and websites, select the “Allow” option.

Allow the app to track the your activity over the other apps.

Step 3. Then the app will have some terms that you need to be aware of, so read them and tap on “Accept and Continue.”

Tap on "Accept & Continue" option to accept the app's terms.

Step 4. Next, to connect the VPN connection, tap on the “Power” button.

Tap on "Power" button to connect VPN.

Step 5. The app would need to add VPN configuration to your iPhone, so tap on “Allow.”

Select "Allow" to allow the app to add configuration.

Step 6. Enter the “Passcode” to allow the app to add configuration.

Enter the required "PassWord"

Step 7. After the VPN gets connected, you will have a “Connection Report,” which shows the details of the connection.

The connect report shows the connection details.

Step 8. And if you want to change the server, then tap on the “country” button above the “Power” button.

To change your server tap on "Country"

Step 9. The servers are in two categories, “Free” and “VIP,” and you can select any server you would like.

Select the server you would like to.

That’s it; you have finished setting up the VPN connection on your iOS device.

Final Words

Installing the VPN-Speed VPN app taught you how to add and set up a VPN connection on your iPhones. In the end, if you have any questions or suggestions, please post them in the comments section below.

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