Change and reset Instagram explore page How To Change And Reset Instagram Explore Page On Android And iOS

How To Change And Reset Instagram Explore Page On Android And iOS

Through this Techschumz article, you can change and reset your Instagram explore page to stop seeing unrelated posts on your Android or iOS devices.

In 2012, Facebook paid a then-record $1 billion to acquire the Instagram program, and since then, it has gained widespread popularity and is used by millions of people worldwide. Instagram has become an essential part of our daily lives because it lets us share photos, videos, and stories as well as promote goods and services in real-time and worldwide.

Instagram’s Explore page displays a feed that compiles content based on a user’s likes, follows, and searches. Instagram’s system favors posts that have received a lot of likes and comments from users who have also liked or commented on posts from similar accounts. Images, movies, reels, and stories can all be found on Explore. However, there are some posts that you won’t want to see, and you’ll want to refresh your Instagram explore page. To do so, follow the instructions provided in this article.

Change your Instagram explore page

To stop seeing unrelated posts on Instagram explore page on Android and iOS, follow the below steps:

To change the Instagram Explore tab on your Android or iOS device, follow the mentioned steps below.

Step 1. Lunch the “Instagram” app on your device and select the post you don’t want to see anymore on the explore page, then tap on the “three dots” on the post.

Go to "Instagram" app then select the post from the explore page and tap on the "Three dots."
Tap on the “Three dots” on the selected post.

Step 2. Select the “Not interested” option to remove the post from your explore feed.

To Remove the post tap on the "Not Interested" option.
Tap on “Not interested” option.

Remember that you can undo the action on the post by tapping on the “Undo” option.

If you want to remove your action tap on the "Undo" option.
Tap to “Undo” the action.

Reset Instagram explore page

These are the actions you need to do to reset your interests on Instagram’s explore page.

Step 1. Firstly, open the “Instagram” app on your device.

Open the "Instagram" app.
Open the “Instagram” app.

Step 2. then tap on your “Profile” icon at the bottom of your Instagram page.

Now tap on the "Profile" icon.
Tap on the “Profile” icon.

Step 3. Then tap on the “Three lines” on the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the "Three line."
Tap on the “Three lines.”

Step 4. Now tap on “Settings” to access more about your Instagram account.

Now tap on "Settings."
Select the “Settings.”

Step 5. After that, tap on the “Security” option to access the data and history.

Select the "Security" option.
Tap on “Security.”

Step 6. Click “Clear search history” in the “Data and History” menu.

Step 7. Then a list of your most recent queries will appear. To delete everything, select the “Clear All” option from the menu.

After all, you have successfully deleted everything from your Instagram explore page from unwanted content.

Final Words

Now that you know how to change and reset the Instagram explore page so that it no longer displays posts or reels that you no longer wish to see let’s assume that you have mastered this skill. So share your concerns and thoughts with us.

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