Install Pinterest on Windows 11

How to Download and Install Pinterest on a Windows 11 PC

Pinterest is a popular social media platform for sharing images and videos. On Pinterest, you can share and save images and videos, as well as discover new inspirations in areas such as home design, DIY, lifestyle, fashion, recipe ideas, and more. It has a web version as well as an app version. This Techschumz guide will show you two easy ways to download and install Pinterest on a Windows 11 PC or laptop.


Pinterest is a social network where you can visually share and find new interests by publishing photos or videos to your own or others’ boards and viewing what other users have pinned. You can also engage by following other users and liking and commenting on posts, much like you might on Facebook or Instagram. Aside from that, you can save other people’s images to your boards and send private messages to those who share your interests.

Pinterest also allows companies to create images to engage customers. Colorful infographics and visual media that highlight promotions, new items, and more may increase the website’s traffic and revenues. As part of the marketing strategy, businesses and shopping websites may use this increase to sell their goods and services and build their user base.

You can create an account, log in, and either like other people’s posts or start your own. The social network is very much centered on the notion of a person’s lifestyle, using a visual orientation, enabling you to share your likes and interests with others and find those of like-minded individuals.

Two Ways to Install Pinterest on a Windows 11 PC

The Pinterest app can be downloaded and used through the Microsoft Store, and Microsoft Edge. The complete steps for installing Pinterest on Windows 11 using both approaches are provided below.

Method 1. Get the Pinterest App on Windows 11 using Microsoft Store

You can get the Pinterest app for PC through the Microsoft Store. Follow these steps to learn how to get it on your Windows 11 computer:

  • To begin, go to the Start Menu and type “Microsoft Store,” then select “Microsoft Store” from the search results.
Open Microsoft Store
Microsoft Store
  • Search for “Pinterest” on the Microsoft Store and select it from the results.
Search for Pinterest on Microsoft Store
Search for Pinterest
  • Then click the “Get” button to download and install Pinterest on your Windows 11 computer.
Install Pinterest on a Windows 11 PC using the Microsoft Store
Get Pinterest
  • Finally, once installed on your computer, click “Open,” and you should be able to use it immediately.
Open and use Pinterest
Open and use Pinterest

Method 2. Install the Pinterest app via Microsoft Edge on Windows 11

Pinterest can also be installed and used through the Microsoft Edge browser by loading it as a Progressive Web App. The site will be installed as an application. It will open its own windows and integrate with Windows features. Just keep in mind that this is only possible with the new Microsoft Edge Browser, which is Chromium-based. So, here are the steps to take:

  • Search for the Edge browser in the Start Menu to launch it.
Open Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge
  • Go to, the official Pinterest website, in the browser.
Go to
Go to
  • Navigate to “Apps > Install Pinterest” after clicking the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of your Edge Browser.
Go to Apps and select Install Pinterest
Apps > Install Pinterest
  • A pop-up message will appear, select “Install“.
Method 2. Install Pinterest app on Windows 11 via Microsoft Edge
Install Pinterest app
  • After installing it, you’ll be given a list of choices. You can choose whether to create a Pinterest desktop shortcut, pin it to the taskbar, or pin it to the Start menu. You can do this by checking the option box and then clicking “Allow” when finished.
Select preferred options and click Allow

That’s all! Your Windows 11 PC and laptop now have the Pinterest app installed. Sign in and use it!

Sing up and use Pinterest
Sing up and use Pinterest

How to Set Up and Use Pinterest on Windows 11

To get up and running with Pinterest, create a free Pinterest account, and then start exploring.

  • Open the Pinterest app by searching for it in the Start Menu.
Search for Pinterest in Start Menu
Search for Pinterest
  • Select “Sign up” in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Click Sign up
Click Sign up
  • Enter your email, create a password, enter your age, and select “Continue“. If you want, you can continue with your Google or Facebook account.
Type your email, password and age
Type your email, password and age
  • You’ll see a “Welcome to Pinterest” message. Select Next to continue.
Click Next
  • Choose a gender identity, and click “Next“.
Select your Gender identity
  • Select a language, then choose your country or region, and tap “Next.”
Choose your Language and Country
Language and Country
  • Select some areas of interest, then click “Done.”
Select your areas of interest
Select your areas of interest
  • Pinterest builds an initial home feed based on your interests. The images you see are called “pins.” Click on a pin you like to learn more about it.
Explore and use Pinterest
Explore and use Pinterest

That’s it! You can now explore Pinterest on your Windows 11 computer. You can save the pins, follow the users and find creative ideas.

How to Update Pinterest on Windows 11

The Pinterest app can easily be updated through the Microsoft Store. We recommend that you always use the most current version of the Pinterest app on your desktop. The most recent versions have the most up-to-date features and bug fixes.

To update the Pinterest app using the Microsoft Store, open the Microsoft Store and select “Library” from the bottom-left corner. Then, to update the Pinterest app, select “Get updates” and then “Update.”

Update Pinterest on Windows 11
Update Pinterest

How to Uninstall Pinterest on Windows 11

If you no longer wish to use Pinterest for any reason, just remove it from your PC. Here’s how to do that.

  • Open the Settings app by searching for it in the Start Menu.
Open Settings on Windows 11
  • Navigate to “Apps > Apps & Features.”
Go to Apps and select Apps & Features
Apps > Apps & Features
  • In the list of apps, look for “Pinterest,” click on the three-dots menu in front of it, and then click “Uninstall” to completely remove it from your Windows device.
Uninstall Pinterest on Windows 11
Uninstall Pinterest
  • Select “Uninstall” again to confirm the deletion.
Click Uninstall to confirm
Click Uninstall

Alternatively, you can uninstall or remove Pinterest from the Start menu. To do so, go to the Start Menu and search for “Pinterest,” then right-click it and select “Uninstall.”


That’s all! Using one of these two approaches, you should now be able to download and install Pinterest on a Windows 11 PC or laptop. Although both methods are simple, we recommend downloading the Pinterest app from the Microsoft Store. Finally, please leave any questions you have in the comments section below. Good Luck!

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