img 1097 How To Change Charging Sound On iPhone on iOS 16

How To Change Charging Sound On iPhone on iOS 16

This Techschumz article will show you how to change charging sound on iPhone on iOS 16.

There is a specific sound that each iPhone makes when charging. It’s easy to use, and it serves the purpose of confirming that your device is indeed plugged in. However, after a while, it starts to get old and you start to long for a change. However, with the shortcut app that allows you to modify any action on the iPhone, you may alter this basic audio and give your device a more individualized feel.

Shortcuts have been updated in iOS 16, allowing users to alter the ringtone for when their phone is charging and automate other actions. This opens the door to many new opportunities for efficiency-boosting automation and time-saving shortcuts. Stay to the end to learn how to customize the charging sound on your iPhone or iPad.

Change Charging Sound On iPhone 11, 12 & 13

To set a custom charging sound on iOS 16, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. First, launch the “Shortcut” app on your iPhone device.

To change charging sound on iPhone (iOS 16), go to the “Shortcut” app.
Open the “Shotcut” app.

Step 2. Then go to the “Automation” section and tap “Create Personal Automation” to create new shortcut automation.

Now go to “Automation” and tap “Create Personal Automation.”
Go to “Automation,” then tap on “Create Personal Automation.”

Step 3. Then scroll down the new automation menu then select the “Charger.”

Then select the “Charger” from the new automation menu.
Select the “Charger” from the new automation menu.

Step 4. Now choose whether you want this shortcut to be active while your mobile device “Is Connected” or “Is Disconnected,” then tap “Next.”

Choose from “Is Connected” or “Is Disconnected,” then tap on the “Next” button.
Tap on the “Next” button.

Step 5. To add a new shortcut action, tap “Add Action.”

img 1078 How To Change Charging Sound On iPhone on iOS 16
Tap to “Add Action.”

Step 6. Now type “Speak” in the search box. Then you will have the option “Speak Text” select it.

In the search box, type “Speak” and select the “Speak Text” option.
Search for “Speak,” then select the “Speak Text.”

Step 7. Now add any text you want to hear when you plug your mobile to power, then tap the “Next” option in the right corner of the screen.

Type the “Text” then tap on “Next” to continue.
Type the “Text.”

Step 8. When the “Ask Before Running” toggle is deactivated, the shortcut action is done immediately without requiring confirmation, and the automation runs quietly in the background.

Turn off the “Ask Before Running” so the automation runs silently in the background.
Tap to turn off the “Ask Before Running” option.

Step 9. Now tap on “Don’t Ask” to confirm the turning off the “Ask for Running” option. If not, tap on “Cancel.”

For confirmation, you need to tap “Don't Ask.”
Tap on the “Don’t Ask” option.

Step 10. Finally, tap on the “Done” button in the right corner.

Now you have changed the charging sound of your iPhone device, then, tap on the “Done” button.
Tap on the “Done” button.

That’s it now. When you plug your iPhone into power, it will play the sound you created through the Shortcuts app.

Final words

After reading this post, you should be able to add a new automation action in the shortcuts app to change charging sound on iPhone (iOS 16), making it more enjoyable when your device is connected to the charger. Please leave any questions or comments you have in below comments section below.

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