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How To Create A Contact Group On iPhone (iOS 16)

This Techschumz article will discuss how to create a contact group on iPhone (iOS 16)

A group message on an iPhone would take time because each member would have to receive the news individually from the iPhone. On the other hand, you can do this by creating a group of contacts on your iPhone and sending them. There was no way to form groups on the iPhone before this; you had to use a computer or a mac to accomplish this. However, Apple recently released iOS 16, which has several new features, one of which is the ability to create contact groups.

The use of contact groups saves time by eliminating the need to enter the contact information for each recipient manually. After it has been created, all that is required of you is to key in the name of the contact group and then add all their names and relevant information. You can group your contacts. You could, for example, create a group called “work,” “GYM,” or “family” and put all of your work contacts in it. Continue reading until the end to find out how to create a contact group on iPhone (11, 12, and 13), which runs iOS 16.

Create a Contact Group on iPhone (iOS 16)

To make a new Contacts group on iPhone (11, 12, and 13) running iOS 16, follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Go to the “Contacts” app on your iOS device first.

Open the “Contacts” app.
Open the “Contacts” app.

Step 2. Then tap on the “Add List” option on the right corner of the contacts menu.

To create a contact group on iPhone (iOS 16), tap on the “Add List.” option.
Tap on the “Add List.”

Step 3. Now select the “iPhone” from the provided options.

Choose the “iPhone.”
Choose “iPhone.”

Step 4. Now “Add” a name for your contact group.

Type a name for the group, then tap on the “Done” button.
Name your contact group and tap on “Done.”

Step 5. After that, tap on the “Group” you created earlier

Open the group you have created recently.
Tap on the created group.

Step 6. To add the contacts to the group, tap on the “Add contacts.”

Tap to “Add Contacts.”
Tap to “Add contacts.”

Step 7. Now select the contacts you want in your group and then tap on the “Done” button.

Select your contacts, then tap on the “Done” button.
Select contacts, then tap on “Done.”

Step 8. Now you see the group is created; you directly send a message once to all the contacts in the group.

You have finally created the group.
The group is ready now.

That’s it; you have created a group of contacts on your iPhone without using iCloud.

Final Words

As a result of reading this article, you are now aware of how to create a contact group on your iOS 16 device. This contact group will allow you to text your contacts more quickly while keeping your communications organized. Please leave your feedback and questions in the section provided below.

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  1. WELL AND GOOD BUT i do not want to call all just1I created a group “doctor_medical”–5 ENTRIES How do I call just 1

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