How to Show Apps Screen Button on Home Screen on Samsung Phones

How to Show Apps Screen Button on Home Screen on Samsung Phones

Samsung, like all smartphone manufacturers, strives each year to make its products more intuitive and user-friendly. One of the design features was the removal of the apps button, which made room for the user’s most frequently used apps. You can now access the apps screen by swiping up from the home screen. If you prefer, you can restore the apps button to your home screen. This guide will show to steps to do that.

Show or Add Apps Icon Button to Home Screen on your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. To get started, open the Settings app on your phone.


Step 2. Next, scroll down and tap on “Home screen” to continue.

Home screen settings
Home screen

Step 3. Now, find the “Show Apps screen button on Home screen” option and enable it.

Turn on the Show Apps screen button on Home screen option

Step 4. That’s it! This will add the Apps Screen button on your phone’s home screen. Now, you can access the app screen by tapping on this button without swiping up.

Apps screen icon on home screen
Apps screen icon

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