TikTok Downloading Tutorial

TikTok Downloading Tutorial: SnapTikVideo

TikTok has evolved to become the number one go-to social media platform for young people to share their creative contents. You can hardly find any young people nowadays that have never used TikTok. They are actually the backbone of TikTok’s ever growing, strong, and loyal user base. Through TikTok, new artists can release and share their songs to be incorporated into the videos, with the hope of creating a new wave of trends and at the same time helping with the promotion of their songs. A lot of big companies are also turning to TikTok to market their products, whether it be direct ads on the app or through brand deals with huge TikTok content creators. 

As once an aspiring TikTok content creator myself, it was difficult for me to figure out a way to save and download TikTok videos for my future content references, until I found SnapTikVideo, the best and arguably the most reliable online TikTok downloader out there. In this article, we will extensively discuss how to download TikTok to MP3 or download TikTok videos with SnapTikVideo.

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Part 1: Downloading with SnapTikVideo

SnapTikVideo is a web-based online downloader that allows users to easily download TikTok videos just by copying and pasting links of videos. The steps on downloading with SnapTikVideo are generally the same on all devices. Here are 6 essential steps to download videos from TikTok with SnapTikVideo.

  1. Determine your video

Open TikTok on your mobile app or through a browser on PC and choose the video that you will download.

  1. Copy its URL

You can directly copy the link through the search bar if you are on a browser, or by clicking Share on the video and Copy Link if you are on the app.

  1. Open SnapTikVideo

Open your browser and go To SnapTikVideo TikTok video download without watermark website.

  1. Paste the URL

Paste the link on the search box on SnapTikVideo, and click Download afterward.

  1. Preview the video

Wait for SnapTikVideo to finish the link processing, after that, a preview of the video you chose will appear. Ensure that it is the appropriate video, and click the red Download button.

  1. Downloaded video

Wait for a while until the video is finished downloading. The video will be available to be played on your phone’s gallery, and stored in the Downloads Folder.

Downloading with SnapTikVideo
Downloading with SnapTikVideo

Part 2: Top Features of SnapTikVideo

As one of the best TikTok downloaders, SnapTikVideo is equipped with numerous standout features which will make all your TikTok downloads seamless and hassle-free. Here are several notable features of SnapTikVideo that are worth-mentioning:

  1. 100% safe to use

SnapTikVideo will never share any of your download’s history to any parties. Furthermore, SnapTikVideo will never keep any records of users activities on its site, so all of your activities are actually completely anonymous and safe.

  1. Multi-language options available

There are a lot of languages available to choose from on the site. SnapTikVideo values diversity and will always be accessible for anyone anywhere in the world. 

  1. No outside data sharing

SnapTikVideo is not affiliated with TikTok in any way and does not share any user information or download with TikTok or with any other parties. All of the downloads will only be known and private to you.

  1. 100% legal to use

It is completely legal if the downloaded video is only used for personal reasons. It is only illegal for you to use copyrighted videos for commercial purposes. 

  1. Unlimited usage

SnapTikVideo is available to use for downloading as many times as you wish throughout the day, without any restrictions on the number of videos that you can download. SnapTikVideo will never impose any limit on the contents downloadable on its site.

  1. MP3 conversion possible

Once a video is successfully downloaded, you can go to mp3converting.com and convert your downloaded video into the MP3 file format.

Part 3: Conclusion

Once you get used to SnapTikVideo TikTok saver, downloading videos off TikTok will just be as easy as scrolling through TikTok! You will only need a link and two counts of clicking the Download buttons, SnapTikVideo will take care of the rest for you and your video will soon be available to be played on your gallery. So what are you waiting for? Go to SnapTikVideo’s website to start downloading your favourite TikTok videos now!

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