activate beast mode on samsung galaxy phones

How To Activate Beast Mode on Samsung Galaxy Phones

In this guide, you will learn how to enable or activate beast mode on Samsung Galaxy Phones (S20, S21 & S22).

You can activate Beast Mode by performing a series of tweaks and settings to improve the performance of your phone. Memory management, changing display settings, changing animation effects, and uninstalling or disabling unused apps are all examples. Below, we will show you the steps to activate it.

Activate Beast Mode on Samsung Galaxy Phones (S20, S21 & S22)

Follow the steps below to make your Samsung Galaxy phone run faster and smoother by increasing its performance:

1. Change Windows Animation Scale from Developer Options

This option will make your phone pop into applications very fast.

  • To get started, go to the Settings of your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Next, scroll down and select “About phone“.
Go to About phone in Settings
About phone
  • Then, tap on “Software information” to continue.
Select Software information
Software information
  • Now, find the “Build number” option and tap on it several times until it asks you to put your passcode.
Click multiple times on Build number
Build number
  • Enter your passcode, and the developer mode will be available on your Samsung phone.
Developer mode has been enabled
Developer mode has been enabled
  • Get back to Settings’ main page and go to “Developer options” under About phone.
Go to Developer options
Developer options
  • Find and select the “Windows animations scale” to continue.
Select Windows animation scale
Windows animation scale
  • Here, select “Animation off” for the Transition animation scale.
Animation off
Animation scale

2. Remove Animations

  • Open your phone’s Settings app and go to “Accessibility“.
Go to Accessibility settings
  • Tap on “Visibility enhancements” to continue.
Tap on Visbility enhancement
Visibility enhancement
  • Find “Remove animations” and disable it.

3. Maximize the Processing Speed

  • Go to Settings and select “Battery and device care“.
Go to Battery and device care
Battery and device care
  • Tap on “Battery” to continue.
tap on Battery
  • Scroll down and select “More battery settings“.
Select More battery settings
More battery settings
  • Here, find the “Processing speed” option and tap on it.
select Processing speed
Processing speed
  • Finally, select the “Maximum” option to have the best processing speed for your apps.
Select Maximum for processing speed
Select Maximum

4. Enable Swipe Down for Notification Panel

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Scroll down and go to “Home screen“.
Go to Home screen settings
Home screen
  • Find the “Swipe down for notification panel” and enable it.
Enable Swipe down for notification panel
Swipe down for the notification panel

5. Use Side Key for the Power Off Menu

  • Go to Settings and select “Advanced features“.
Go to Advanced features
Advanced features
  • Select “Side key” to continue.
Select side key
side key
  • Under “Press and hold”, select “Power off menu“. This will let you access the power-off menu by pressing and holding the side key.
Select Power off menu
Select Power off menu

6. Tweak Motions and Gestures Options

  • Go to “Advanced features” on your phone’s settings.
Navigate to Advanced features
Advanced features
  • Select “Motions and gestures” to continue.
Go to Motion and gestures
Motion and gestures
  • Here, enable the three below options.
    1. Lift to wake: This will turn on the screen when you pick up your phone.
    2. Double tap to turn on screen.
    3. Double tap to turn off screen.
Enable Lift to wake, Double tap to turn on screen, and Double tap to turn off screen.

7. Auto Restart Your Samsung Phone

  • Go to “Battery and device care” on the Settings of your phone.
Navigate to Battery and device care
Battery and device care
  • Tap on the three dots menu on the top right of your screen, and select “Automation“.
Select Automation
  • Enable the “Auto restart at set times” option, and tap on it to continue.
Enable Auto restart at set times
Auto restart at set times
  • Here, select a time of the day to auto restart your Samsung phone to refresh.

8. Enable Game Booster

  • Go to Settings, and search for “Game booster settings” inside the settings’ search bar.
Search for game booster settings
game booster settings
  • Tap on the “Game optimization” to continue.
Select Game optimization
Game optimization
  • Here, select “Performance” for a better experience.
Select Performance for Game optimization

Final Words

That’s it! This is how you can activate beast mode on Samsung Galaxy phones (S20, S21 & S22). After following the above steps, you will notice a change in the way you are using your phone. Last but not least, if you have any questions or anything to add, please leave them in the comments section below.

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