Set lock creen on iphone 14 How To Add Screen Lock On iPhone 14, 14 Pro, And The 14 Pro Max

How To Add Screen Lock On iPhone 14, 14 Pro, And The 14 Pro Max

This Techschumz tutorial shows you how to add a PIN to the screen of your iPhone 14 Pro/Max running iOS 16 so that only you can get access to your data.

When you first get an iPhone, you will be prompted to create a passcode for it so that only you can access it. You should use a passcode that must be entered in order to unlock the iPhone 14 whenever it is woken up or turned on. This will provide a higher level of protection. The data on your iPhone is encrypted when you turn on data protection, which is activated when a passcode is entered. For better security on your phone, you need a strong password, so it should not be accessed easily. To do so, read this article till the end.

Set Password for iPhone 14 series (ios 16)

To set a pattern for unlocking your phone to maintain your privacy, follow the following instructions.

Step 1. Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone 14 device.

Go to the "Settings" app.
Open “Settings”

Step 2. Now select “Fac ID and Passcode” from the settings menu by scrolling down.

Select "Face ID & Passcode" from the settings menu.
Tap on “Face ID & Passcode”

Step 3. Then scroll down the passcode menu and toggle on the “Turn on Passcode” option.

Tap to "Turn on Passcode"
Toggle on “Turn on Passcode”

Step 4. Here you can create a passcode for your iPhone and you can set a passcode in any way, so tap on “Passcode Options” to access more options.

Tap on "Passcode Options"
Click on “Passcode Option”

Step 5. Next, select “Options” for your passcode.

Choose your passcode pattern from thew patterns list.
Select options for your passcode.

Step 6. After selecting, type your passcode and a confirmation will be provided that says that your passcode can be accessed easily, so if you still want to use it tap on “Use Anyway,” but if you want to change your passcode, tap on “Change Passcode.”

If you want to have this passcode, tap on "Use Anyway" if not, tap "Change Passcode."
Select the “Use Anyway” option.

Step 7. Then “Verify” your passcode once again.

Now verify your passcode by entering it once again.
Verify the passcode

Step 8. There may be times when you forget your password, and to recover it you need to enter your Apple ID account password for your own security, but if you don’t want to, tap on the “Cancel” button.

Enter your Apple ID password to recover the passcode if forgotten.
Enter your Apple ID passcode

That’s it. You have set a pattern for your device to unlock it and secure your data.

The password has finally been set.
Password sat

Final Words

With the help of this article, you have learned how to set screen lock on iPhone 14 models for improved data protection, and if you have any questions or comments, you can leave them for us in the section below.

This Techschumz video guide will show you how to add screen lock on your iPhone 14 Pro/Max

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