Use iCloud passwords On windows 1011 How To Use iCloud Passwords On Windows 10/11

How To Use iCloud Passwords On Windows 10/11

This Techschumz article has provided instructions for using iCloud passwords on Windows 10 and 11, as well as for turning on the auto-fill password feature for Windows PCs, so that iPhone users with Windows PCs can enjoy a seamless experience across devices.

If you have an iPhone but use a Windows PC, you will struggle with your accounts since the iPhone has the iCloud keychain, which helps you remember your account passwords, but Windows does not. But don’t worry, we also have the iCloud passwords on Windows.

Why use the iCloud password on Windows?

Using iCloud passwords on Windows provides a seamless and secure way to access your Apple account credentials across different platforms. By utilizing the iCloud for Windows application, you can easily sync and manage your passwords between your Apple devices and your Windows computer. This integration streamlines the login process, allowing you to autofill passwords saved in your iCloud Keychain while using Windows applications and web browsers. This approach enhances convenience without compromising security, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected and easily accessible across your ecosystem of devices.

Install iCloud on Windows 10/11 (Microsoft Store)

To have the iCloud passwords on your computer, you need to download the iCloud app first and set up your iCloud account.

Step 1. Install the “iCloud” app from the “Microsoft Store.”

Step 2. Now Log into your “iCloud” account.

Step 3. After logging in, tap on “Approve” in the “Password” section.

Open iCloud app and tap on "Approve" option.

Step 4. Then enter your “Apple ID Password” and tap “Sign In.”

Then "Sign In" into your iCloud account.

Step 5. You will receive a “Verification code” on your other devices; then enter the code.

Then type the verification "Code" from your other apple device.

Use the iclpud password on Windows 11

After you install and set up the iCloud app on your Windows, you need to follow the procedures outlined below to enable the iCloud passwords for your Windows.

Note: Both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome on Windows are compatible with the iCloud password.

Step 1. To install the Extension for the browser, tap on the “Install Extention” button.

Here tap on "Install Extention" button for any browser you would like.

Step 2. Then tap on “Download” to continue.

Then tap on "Download"

Step 3. Now on the Browser window, tap on the “Get” button.

Now click on "Get" button to get the iCloud password extention for the browser.

Step 4. Here, tap “Add Extension” for Microsoft Edge.

Next, tap on "Add Extension"

That’s it. You can now get access to your iPhone.

Enable Auto-Fill Passwords on Windows

In any case, if you cannot see the iCloud password icon on the browser menu, don’t worry because you need to enable the extension icon.

Step 1. Tap on the “Extension icon” in the browser menu and

Open the "Extension" menu from the Browser tab.

Step 2. Tap to enable the “iCloud passwords.

Enable the iCloud Password icon to be displayed on the browser menu.

Step 2. Then you will be asked to enter the “Code” that you have received on your Windows to enable the auto-fill password extension.

Now enter the received "Code."

Step 3. Tap on the “Sign In” button to unlock the iCloud passwords.

And to unlock the iCloud Passwords sing in into your iCloud account.

Step 4. And for security, enter your device’s “PIN.”

Finally enter your "Pin" for varification.

That’s it; now, anytime you log into an account saved in iCloud Password, the Auto-fill Password feature will fill in the password for you.

Final Words

You have finally enabled the iCloud password, and after this, you can use the auto-fill passwords on your Windows PC as well as on your other devices. This feature allows for convenient and secure access to your passwords across platforms, ensuring that you never have to remember them all individually. Finally, share your questions and insights in the comments section below.

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